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Hemlock Hill's Keeping the Peace


Bailey is a big sweet girl who is always wiggling and smiling whens she greets you. She is daughter to our girl, Mocha and Gr Ch Multi BISS, BIS Casbar's a Hart Act to Follow, JH, WC.


Bailey lives with friends of ours, their two small children and rescue dog. She is always underfoot, in our laps or snuggled close unless she is splashing in the pond, kiddie pool or perhaps her water dish.




OFA Hips~ Excellent

♦ OFA Elbows~ Clear

♦ CNM~Clear

♦ DM~ Clear

♦ EIC~ Carrier

♦ HPNK~ Carrier

♦ PRA~ Clear

♦ Retinal Dysplasia/ Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1~ Clear

♦ Skeletal Dysplasia 2~ Clear

♦ DD~ DiIlute Free

♦ EEBb~ Black carries Chocolate (Bc)

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